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Down The Caravan is
one of the front runners to win
best Welsh Short Film at
the Cardiff International
Film Festival 2019

19th August 2019

Down The Caravan is a front runner for winning the best Welsh Short Film at the Cardiff International Film Festival 2019.

Down The Caravan will be screened between Thursday the 24th to Sunday 27th October 2019, look out for the official date, we'll be announcing this on the lead up to the festival in October.

Down The Caravan has come a long way and we are delighted to be featuring at the Cardiff International Film Festival. We have worked so hard on bringing in an award winning cast, with the likes of Emmy Award winner Matthew Rhys a Welsh and Cardiff boy through and through in our ranks.

Down The Caravan has so much to offer Wales, from helping tourism and supporting the local economy of towns and villages all over Wales. Being picked up by prestigious events like Cardiff International Film Festival shows we have a potential global product that can be commissioned by TV production companies, bringing some real Welsh comedy to TV screens in a way that Gavin and Stacey did in the noughties.

If you're a TV producer get in touch and we can discuss with you all the things our Down The Caravan TV series can offer you and Wales. We have a pilot episode for you to view and a whole bunch of video testimonies from the likes of Dame Judi Dench and Emmy Award winner Matthew Rhys, here are those video testimonials.

We would like to thank Cardiff International Film Festival for the nomination, and featuring our Welsh Short Film during the festival due to be held in October. If you would like to see our short film ticket information will be announced on the lead up to the festival, information can also be found on the Cardiff International Film Festival website linked below.


our production

If you are a TV producer or production commissioner and are interested in commissioning Down The Caravan then please get in touch, we can show you everything Down The Caravan has to offer, our contact details are below.

Down The Caravan Producer:
Jerry Lockett

Phone: 07977473282