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Are you a comedy

Down The Caravan has been produced by Happy Camper Productions Ltd. We are looking for a TV producer or a TV production commissioner to take a look at our pilot episode and then commission a series. This new vibrant TV comedy has a lot to offer and can become the next big hit filling a gap in the market.

Down The Caravan star's
actors with great
experience in the
TV and Film industry

Down The Caravan has a star cast. Hollywood actor Matthew Rhys born and bred in Wales and Cardiff is playing a star role in the pilot episode, Matthew has already committed himself as an executive producer in the TV comedy once commissioned, Matthew is pictured below.

Matthew is an Emmy nominated actor and has recently worked with Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep in the blockbuster "The Post". Down The Caravan has a quality cast and has a lot to offer an audience waiting to make them laugh and cry with cheer.

Other talented actors include Jan Anderson, Maxine Evans, Michael Socha, Alexa Davies and Vas Blackwood who all have extensive experience starring in prominent TV and film roles.

Down The Caravan has
had prominent reviews
from well known

Down The Caravan is tipped to be the next Gavin and Stacey comedy series. Our pilot episode shows what we have to offer and has been well reviewed by prominent actors. Check out what Dame Judi Dench said about Down The Caravan.

our production

If you are a TV producer or production commissioner and are interested in commissioning Down The Caravan then please get in touch, we can show you everything Down The Caravan has to offer, our contact details are below.

Down The Caravan Producer:
Jerry Lockett

Phone: 07977473282