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Meet some of the
actors in our cast
line up starring
in Down The Caravan

Down The Caravan has a cast with a wealth of acting experience, here are some of the prominent cast that star in Down The Caravan. We start off with Hollywood star Welsh and Cardiff actor Matthew Rhys pictured below.

Matthew is a well known Hollywood actor and has performed in prominent well known productions. Matthew has acted with actors such as Tom Hanks and an array of other talented actors from around the world.

Matthew is known for his role in FX’s espionage thriller “The Americans”, he gained an Emmy nomination for his acting performances. Matthew recently played a role in Steven Spielberg's "The Post" performing alongside the likes of Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep.

Here is Matthew talking about Down The Caravan and what it has to offer.

The next cast member performing in Down The Caravan is Jan Anderson who like Matthew has a wealth of experience. Jan has worked with prominent productions in Hollywood and here at home with the likes of BBC and ITV.

Jan Anderson is born and bred in Wales and has been acting since she was 9 years old. Jan was a regular on the theatre circuit performing regularly in the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff for 5 years. Jan's talent as an actor was soon spotted by the BBC and landed her first regular TV role in "Tiger Bay". Jan become a fan favourite and was cast in "Human Traffic". Her performances led to more prominent acting roles such as playing nurse "Chloe" in BBC's Casualty for 5 years.

Jan continued to get cast in many more prominent TV roles such as ITV's London's Burning and Nut and Bolts. Like Matthew Rhys Jan headed to Hollywood where she would land a series of roles in prominent TV shows such as, National Bannana by Jerry Zucket, "Three Days Blind" which has won an award directed by Christoper Keith, and Jan also played roles in Fox's "Prison Break".

Jan has also landed a role in a new acting role as Stella in HBO's show "Curb Your Enthusiasm". So, again another prominent actor with a wealth of acting experience in Jan ready to make you laugh and cry in Down The Caravan. Here is Jan's video review on why she thinks Down The Caravan will be a great TV comedy and how much fun she had producing the pilot episode.

Next up we have Maxine Evans yet another actor performing in Down The Caravan with a wealth of experience performing in well known roles, here is Maxine pictured below.

Like Jan Maxine has worked in well known TV shows such as, Stella, Holby City, Doctors, Call the Mid Wife, London's Burning and Torchwood. Maxine is a Welsh actress and director and another great addition to the Down The Caravan cast, bringing such quality and experience to our line up. Here is Maxine giving a great review on why Down The Caravan will be a great TV comedy.

Next up we have Michael Socha who has experience working in many first class productions, Michael is pictured below.

Michael is known for his roles in "This is England", "Shank" and "Bonded by Blood". Michael bring's great experience to the cast of Down The Caravan. Next in our cast line up is Vas Blackwood pictured below.

Vas like all of the other actors mentioned on this page has a wide range of acting experience in his portfolio. He is known for many roles in both TV and Film. He has starred in iconic TV comedies such as "Only Fools and Horses", well known TV shows like "Casualty" and acted in film productions such as "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", here is Vas giving a review on what it was like to work on Down The Caravan and why it will be a great TV comedy series.

Next up in our cast line up is Julian Lewis Jones from Bangor, Wales pictured below. Julian has some great experience acting in prominent roles such as "The Bank Job" (2008), Invictus (2009) and Justice League (2017). Julian is another experienced cast member and a great addition to our line up on Down The Caravan.

Here is a video review from Julian.

Lastly but certainly not least we have the talented Alexa Davies in our cast line up.

Alexa is an up and coming Welsh actress and is only 23 years old but already bringing a wealth of experience with her, for example, she performs and stars in the recent "Mama Mia, Here We Go Again!" film sequel alongside the likes of Meryl Streep and other well known actors.

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We have many more talented actors in our line up of Down The Caravan. We hope this line up gives you the confidence knowing we have brought world class talent to our project. We hope this gives you a flavour for what to expect in our TV comedy knowing you're in safe hands, knowing we have actors with such talent and experience who are going to light up your living room with cheer and laughter.

If you are a TV producer or production commissioner and are interested in commissioning Down The Caravan then please get in touch, we can show you everything Down The Caravan has to offer, our contact details are below.

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