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Down The Caravan
win at Accolade Global Film

26th September 2019

Down The Caravan win at the Accolade Global Film Competition. This prestigious competition was named by Movie Maker Magazine as one of the top 25 in the world.

Sara Sugarman won the "Award of Excellence and Special Mention" for recognition to Women Filmmakers for Down The Caravan.

Sara Sugarman pictured below is the director of our Down The Caravan pilot episode.

Check out our pilot episode Down The Caravan official trailer available for viewing in the video below.

Sara is set to continue once the series is commissioned. Sara brings with her extensive experience in the TV and Film industry that spans over 20 years. In the 1990's Sara scripted and directed a number of award-winning short films, these are:

* Up the Valley in 1995
* 1996 Valley Girls
* 1997 Anthrakitis

Sara has directed more prominent TV and Film episodes over recent years, these are:

* House of Versace (TV Movie) 2012
* Vinyl 2004
* Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen 2001
* Very Annie Mary 1999
* Mad Cows 1998

Down The Caravan have an award winning cast

Down The Caravan have casted some very talented actors to star in our TV comedy, when we mean talented and award winning, we mean it, we have the likes of Matthew Rhys in our ranks, an Emmy Award winner. Matthew is pictured below.

The next cast member performing in Down The Caravan is Jan Anderson who like Matthew has a wealth of experience. Jan has worked with prominent productions in Hollywood and here at home with the likes of BBC and ITV. Jan is pictured below.

We have many more talented actors ready to make Down The Caravan the next big TV comedy hit.

Down The Caravan can bring many benefits to Wales

When our TV series is commissioned, we know for a fact how Down The Caravan can help Wales. We will bring a variety of opportunities to welsh people wanting to work in the TV and Film industry. Down The Caravan has the potential to create many jobs in the creative sector.

Down The Caravan will boost the tourism economy in Wales. We will be filming all over Wales shopping in local towns and villages and boosting local businesses. The Accolade Global Film Award recognition we have just won shows we have plenty to offer viewers, the UK and Wales.

our production

If you are a TV producer or production commissioner and are interested in commissioning Down The Caravan then please get in touch, we can show you everything Down The Caravan has to offer, our contact details are below.

Down The Caravan Producer:
Jerry Lockett

Phone: 07977473282