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Down The Caravan
will bring jobs
to Wales

Down The Caravan once comissioned will bring a variety of opportunities to welsh people wanting to work in the TV and Film industry. Down The Caravan has the potential to create many jobs in the creative sector.

The benefits of working with our new TV comedy series can be enormous, this is because we have such a great cast with the like's of Matthew Rhys, Jan Anderson and Maxine Evans in the line up. This means that new workers working on Down The Caravan are going to be working with influential people learning from them.

Take example Matthew Rhys who has made a successful career in Hollywood starring in the TV series "The Americans", Matthew also recently acted alongside Tom Hanks and was directed by Steven Spielberg in "The post". Matthew is pictured below.

Jan Anderson has worked in Hollywood and at home with production's involved with the BBC and ITV. Jan performed in Casualty for five years and ITV's London's Burning bringing a wealth of experience with her for other's to learn from.

We also have an award winning director in Sara Sugarman. Sara has many years experience in directing and knows how to bring the best out in actors and workers working on set. Here is Sara pictured below.

So, the Down The Caravan TV comedy once commissioned is going to have a big impact on bringing jobs to Wales, giving more young talent in Wales the chance to shine and show what Wales has to offer.

our production

If you are a TV producer or production commissioner and are interested in commissioning Down The Caravan then please get in touch, we can show you everything Down The Caravan has to offer, our contact details are below.

Down The Caravan Producer:
Jerry Lockett

Phone: 07977473282